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How much do you pay?

What most people don’t realize is how much work it is to make a non-profit foundation like ours happen. Technology helps, but an answer machine or automated email-reply can only go that far. Our courses, schedule and training is requiring a lot of human, one-on-one interaction. People who often approach us to get involved with H2O(2)_foundation are asking us how much we would pay.

So, really, how much do you pay?

Zilch, zero, Nada! Period! If money is your primary driver to get involved with our work, you’re definitely looking at the wrong place. You have great skills, you are educated and ambitious, but we certainly can’t afford you.

So why in the world should I get involved then?

Because you share our enthusiasm?! We will bring you in contact with aviators, pilots, aquatic professionals and plenty of interesting people, a.k.a nerds, subject-experts and highly trained professionals. You share our passion to fly and/or get wet, stand in front of a crowd and teach, train and/or mentor. That’s why!
Our syllabi and courses are unique and one of a kind. Getting involved with them through us puts a mark onto your character and resume. Teaching and training with us will make you stand out from the crowd and can place job or business opportunities in front of you which you haven't dreamed of.

So, what we are looking for?

Are you a subject expert and safety guru for one of the following:

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  • Helicopter - turbine and/or piston
  • Fixed wing - Sirrus, Cessna, Pilatus, ...
  • Aquatics Instructor Trainer - Red Cross certification, re-certification of lifeguards and WSI


We want to develop our safety program and training with you. Your subject knowledge is a great deal for us and the aquatics or aviation community.

1. Think about it!

2. Get the application!

3. Set up an appointment

Please note: If your volunteer assignment involves working with children and minors you will be fingerprinted and subject to a background-check.