First Aid for Aviators | CPR & AED

Adult, Child, Infant and AED | Red Cross certificate (optional)
  • First Aid 80% 80%
  • CPR 90% 90%
  • AED 95% 95%
  • Emergencies 75% 75%
  • Crisis Management 80% 80%

Life has its challenges. Sometimes we get hurt, don't feel well or to make matters worse, we encounter a medical emergency. What's considered a 'bu-bu' on the ground can quickly develop into a serious situation once airborne.

Additionally an aircraft provides limited resources and space for this kind of situation. But what can an aviator do to contain an inflight crisis. The knowledge of this course can also be applied to your 'earthly' life as a car driver, hiker ...

Once in a lifetime we all should participate in a course like that. First Aid and handling of certain medical emergencies should be part of our basic education. It can save your life or the life of somebody else.

General Section

  • Instruction in CPR for the Adult and Child;
  • care for choking emergencies in adults and children;
  • AED training;
  • First aid skills;
    • caring for seizures,
    • diabetic emergencies,
    • broken bones,
    • heat and cold emergencies,
  • scene safety,
  • blood borne pathogen information.

Aviation Section

  • First Aid kit for an aircraft
  • First signals of an emergency
  • Immediate actions
  • Work the space
  • Use of Resources

This workshop is in cooperation with the FAA Safety Team (FAAST)FAASTeam logo


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