King Air Autopilot Safety CourseWe as turboprop pilots have become so dependent on autopilots that our flying skills, especially instrument skills, have deteriorated to the point that we are an accident ready to happen should the autopilot fail in IMC conditions.

"On every airplane I've ever flown, I tend to use the technology to its full capabilities when it's appropriate",

Sullenberger said. "But looking as far into the future as I can see, every airplane -- no matter how sophisticated -- really needs to be flown, and flown very well, by a human pilot.

Many of us may think of an autopilot being a super device that would make Albert Einstein scratch his head, but the concepts are relatively simple.

This safety workshop will introduce you to:

  • A look at the two primary autopilot design architectures used in turboprops:
    • Position-or Attitude-Based
    • Rate-Based
  • Principle of operation;
  • Normal pilot operation;
  • Most endured autopilot failures;
  • Common Pilot Mistakes;
  • A review the specific differences between the autopilots;
  • Use of an autopilot in emergencies;
  • ...

A 90 minutes multimedia presentation packed with valuable information.

FAASTeam logoThis workshop is in cooperation with the FAA Safety Team (FAAST)