A 'SAFETY' assessment of one of aviation's most challenging assignments as a Pro-pilot.

If you as a pilot, consider going PRO, the FAA and your future employer will have some expectations. This workshop can help assess yourself and will offer some tools for you own risk management.

This workshop will help you to determine if you are ready for the challenge of flying people and/or products for hire or what is called flying Part 135. FAR PART 135 flying puts a pair of epaulets, lots of pressure and quite a few responsibilities onto your shoulders:

  1. Pilot qualification, skills and social intelligence;
  2. Apply and interview with the right carrier;
  3. Aviation English: TRNGMAN, GOM, GMM, 8410, 135.293, 135.299, ...?;
  4. Your check-ride and who's flying;
  5. Your first passenger is not your last concern.

A 70 minutes multimedia presentation packed with valuable information.