Who owns a land line? | How to communicate safety!

Managers, regardless of which generation they hail from, have the job of translating communications from many sources so they can get the job done and maintain a cohesive work group. At aquatics facilities, we have to accomplish goals such as safety, good customer service and quality programming.
We can't afford to have conflicts caused by poor communication. Once managers understand how different generations send and receive information - and how to show them the respect they need and want - things will run smoother in the workplace. Let's see how that can be accomplished.

Tina Dittmar (co-founder of H2O(2)_foundation) is an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, in three disciplines, First Aid, CPR/AED, Water Safety and Lifeguard Training. Tina Dittmar has been an Instructor Trainer (IT) for about 20 years.


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June 3, 2013