United States Coast Guard Recognition

USCG Appreciation of H2O2 Foundation and its staff

We all see award plaques hanging on walls quite often. They blend in with our diplomas, university decrees and other professional awards we've received over the years. For the most part we just glance over them without any further thoughts. This one is different. This award makes us proud and brought tears into our eyes, literately. It got accompanied with a note starting with the words 'As token of our appreciation'. This is more than just appreciation or a plain token, this is a big deal for us and our team.
We've worked with USCG since our foundation started. We had the finest pilots and rescue swimmers speaking in our courses. With that we built close relationships between the general aviation community and USCG. It worked. Our participants love the insights provided by these professional rescuers.
So, from our side, staff, members and participants: Thank you!


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January 6, 2014