H2O2 on NBC | Drowning is a ‘Silent Killer’

H2O2 on NBC News

Drowning is the number one cause of death in kids under the age of five, and there have been a dozen drowning cases in Orange County, California since January. Paramedics say drownings don’t happen with a lot of flailing, many times they happen far too quietly. Vikki Vargas reported from Laguna Niguel.

Be a water watcher: when family and friends gather for a celebration of summer, these celebrations quite often are near water, back yard pools, lake fronts or the beach. When having such a gathering sometimes children can be forgotten, or it is assumed they are off safely playing with their friends, when all along the little ones are also having a good time and end up in the water, quickly and silently. If you are hosting that get together be the perfect host and assign water watching duties to your guests. Have people take turns being the water watcher to make sure none of your guests accidentally slip into the water and silently drown.

Tina Dittmar (co-founder of H2O(2)_foundation) is an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, in three disciplines, First Aid, CPR/AED, Water Safety and Lifeguard Training. Tina Dittmar has been an Instructor Trainer (IT) for about 20 years.


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July 15, 2013