We got invited to present at 2014 Aviation Expo in Palm Springs!

H2O2 presenting at the Aviation Expo 20014 in Palm Springs, Calif.

Early 2014 we received a phone call from the organizers of the Aviation Expo asking us if we would be interested in presenting our successful Self-Rescue course on dry land. Of course we can, we would love to. The irony is that Palm Springs is pretty much the driest city in California, and we are going to talk about pilot and passenger water safety.

So, we are getting ready to meet up with 7000+ aviators and aviation enthusiasts to introduce them to very simple steps to prepare for a potential wet surprise, - ditching a personal aircraft in water. The fact is seventy-one percent of the earth is covered in water. Chances are as an aviator you will fly over a significant body of water at some time, a little knowledge of water safety is far better than none at all.

On Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 10:30am our team will present our safety seminar - Self-Rescue techniques for pilots, Come and check us out! You will be in a water safety course, but no swim suits are required! (Please note: The inflatable zebra is for the kids)



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September 10, 2014