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Ferry Flight | P3air

Did you ever wonder what a ferry pilot has to consider making a safe ferry flight? A modern ferry pilot has nothing in common with barn storming or the good ol’ pony express.

We hear from pilots all the time who imagine that ferry flying must be the most glamorous of time-builders toward the magic 1,500-hour ATP level often demanded by the airlines. But ferry pilots are sometimes flying with temporary HF radios occupying the right seat—assuming they still have a right seat (it’s often replaced by a ferry tank). They usually can’t carry passengers even if they want to, as the airplane may be tanked with ferry fuel and operating under a special airworthiness certificate that allows “essential crew only.” Not very glamorous.

Insurance companies now control the world. Most ferry policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, and it sets the rules for pilots trying to break into the field. Requirements usually are very high and the pilot needs to have the appropriate route qualification.

Regulations, air worthiness, export and import requirements, knowledge of international airspace and border crossings are the ‘simple’ challenges compared to the real test of your flying skills with weather and aircraft performance.

This workshop gives you an inside what a good (and safe) ferry pilot is made of.

Complementary refreshments and snacks provided.

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This workshop is in cooperation with the FAA Safety Team (FAAST)

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