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You do not need to be a supporting member of H2O2_foundation to participate in our events, lessons or workshops. Heck, you even don't need to be a pilot or swimmer either.

All of our educational program is available to the public!

[highlight]Associated fees are necessary to recover the bare costs of an event.[/highlight] Many workshops are conducted at public facilities, [highlight]which require an expensive, professional liability insurance in California.[/highlight] Public facilities are also only available 'after-hours' to us, so we are billed for the extra hours and overtime of their staff.

Many of our educational programs have 'early sign-up' bonuses and discounts. We also honor active members of our military, persons with disabilities, senior citizen and many other groups with an appropriate discount code in our event registration.

Our supporting members enjoy the privilege of access to almost all educational activities and resources. In very rare cases we'll sport a modest surcharge for an event if we have to rent special equipment, special facilities or other, out of the ordinary circumstances.

Payment | Registration Completion Your seat and participation is only confirmed by a complete check-out and full payment of your course fee. Within 15 minutes of your registration and appropriate payment you should receive a confirmation email with all necessary information and link to your invoice. Any incomplete registration will be canceled and subsequently offered to the next paying patron.
Student Pilots, active members of US military and veterans receive in most cases a special discount. These discounts average between 5% - 50% and will be posted in every description of workshops as an individual coupon code.

Please note, that by check-in an appropriate ID or verification of the applied discount must be shown.

We are offering an 'Early Bird Discount" for most of our events. In average 10% - 20% by signing up 14+ days in advance. Details are posted in the description of every individual event and applied automatically.
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  • A refund will be given if foundation cancels a foundation sponsored activity.
  • A full refund will be given for cancellation of any activity with a doctor’s medical excuse prior to the commencement of activity. If a participant cancels due to illness during a session, the fee will be pro-rated, but the note must be received before the last day of class.
  • No refunds will be issued for no-shows, special events or excursions.
  • If patron cancels five (5) or more business days prior to the activity, patron will be charged 20% of the total transaction, with a minimum of $5 per transaction.
  • A cancellation made four (4) or less business days prior to the activity will result in the forfeiture of the entire class fee.
  • Transfers are allowed with five (5) or more business day’s notice.