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Tina Dittmar

Tina Dittmar is an Aquatics and Management Expert. She is an American Red Cross Instructor trainer in Water Safety, Lifeguarding and CPR, First Aid and AED Training.

William Pass

William Pass is a qualified training captain and mentor pilot for P3air and turboprop pilots. He is a trained first rescuer and certified lifeguard.

Briane Schonfeldt

Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross, Water Safety (WSI) and Lifeguarding.

Jerry Summers

With an ATP certificate and numerous type ratings (i.e. B-747-400) he was overwater qualified since 1987 and retired after 37 years with United Airlines.

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Pilot Magazine Pilot Getaways, 2012I gained a newfound respect for the challenges of water ditching and rescues, and I highly recommend such a course. It reinforced for me that having a pilot license can—and should—be a lifelong learning experience.

John T. Kounis | Editor-in-Chief

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