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Where In The World is Offshore?
The convention* set the limit of
territorial waters to 12 nautical
miles (22 km), in which area the
coastal state is free to set laws,
regulate any use, and use any
resource. Vessels were given the
right of "innocent passage" through
any territorial waters, with
strategic straits allowing the
passage of military craft as
"transit passage", in that naval
vessels are allowed to maintain
postures that would be illegal in
territorial waters.
Beyond the 12 nautical mile (22 km)
limit there was a further 12
nautical mile (22 km) or 24 nautical
miles (44 km) from the territorial
sea baselines limit, the "contiguous
zone", in which area a state could
continue to enforce laws regarding
activities such as smuggling or
illegal immigration.
*1982 | United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea